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Join Alki Tours on River Raft The Grand Canyon

September 10-15, 2020
5 days
$2399 per person/do
Single supplement $179
Includes 3 flights, helicopter, motorized raft and jet boat

Few adventures earn the moniker of 'Trip of a lifetime' as regularly as rafting the Grand Canyon. Ironically, millions of people get the broad overview of the Canyon but only a lucky few are able to raft it . This 'soft adventure' canyon trip is the perfect experience for people of all ages--from 9 to 99. Your adrenaline-filled holiday starts with a flight to Las Vegas. Spend the night seeing the sights of this city that never sleeps. The next morning the excitement continues as we board a plane for a scenic flight to the Bar 10 Ranch. A day filled with cowboys, campfires, skeet shootin'--it's all included. The following morning begins with an exciting helicopter trip to the bottom of the canyon to begin our river rafting journey. Our expert guides await to navigate the waters of the lower 100 miles of the canyon. Here, the Colorado River's famous rapids, though still exciting, are a bit tamer. The scenery is astounding. Massive sandstone cliffs conjure up imaginary shapes. Hidden waterfalls and pools carve their way down to the river. Wildlife is abundant, with sightings of Blue Heron, hawks, eagles and majestic Big Horn sheep. At night, the canyon walls unveil a heaven of innumerable stars. To exit the canyon we will board a jetboat for a thrilling trip into Pearce Ferry. Our final night is spent in Vegas for a few more thrills before heading back to Seattle. This incredible journey is tame enough for most adults but will surely rank as one of the best trips that you've ever experienced.

NOTE : All tour prices are based on a cash discount. A 5% fee will be added to any tour paid by credit card.

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