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Alaska Northern Lights & Denali Park

Mysteries Of Copper Canyon By Rail

Updated covid terms and conditions

Tahiti 2022 10 Days/5 Islands

Don't Count Your Days, Make Your Days Count..... With Alki Tours

3 LIGHTS AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL! While it will still be sometime before we open and tours resume, We hope everyone is staying safe and playing by the CDC guideline so we can beat this on all fronst while the vacinne and Treatments or coming out. The sooner we get this over the sooner we can get back to the new normal. Stay Safe and we will beat this together sooner rather than later. BOOK NOW FOR 2021 WITH NO DEPOSIT ON MOST TOURS UNTIL WE OPEN! Not valid for Cruises, Trains and speciality tours

ALKI TOURS WILL REMAIN CLOSED THROUGH MARCH 2021. PLEASE CHECK BACK FOR UPDATES ON YOUR TOURS. ALL TOURS THRU APTIL 2021 TOURS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED OR WILL BE RESCHEDULED. ARE YOU READY TO TRAVEL? CHECK OUT OUR LOCAL TOURS IN COMING SOON! LOCAL DAY AND OVERNIGHT TOURS. BOOK YOUR FUTURE NOW. NEW "SOCIAL DISTANCE" TOURS WILL BE ADDED TO HELP VISIT PACIFIC NORTHWEST BUSINESSES AS WE SLOWLY OPEN - All Tours subject to Government regulations of course and changes. If this unpresendented event persists we will push tours to a later date. It will take people helping people and businesses helping businesses. STAY SAFE STAY HOME! AND START PLANNING YOUR FUTURE WITH ALKI TOURS AT ***Please do not leaves messages on our phone until we return. We are still at ** Once we return we will be happy to assist you with your travel plans. A credit letter will be going out for overnight tours, day tours will be reschedule. PLEASE HELP OUR COMMUNITY GET THIS UNDER CONTROL BY PRACTICING "STAY SAFE STAY HOME." So we can start traveling soon

We thank you for your patience as we continue our "GREAT PAUSE". and Alki Tours' appreciates all the e-mails of support and understanding AND ONLINE BOOKINGS WE ARE NOW SEEING - THANKS YOU!!. We are in this together and will come out the other side together. Alki Tours is adding some day trips and short LOCAL overnight trips in anticipation for a rush to the Freedom that we have come to love in the United State of America. Alki Tours wants to support our Pacific Northwest businesses first and we need your help. While our office is still closed you can e-mail us at AND when we come through the ptherside and feel the security and safety of our great nation. Let's stay home and enjoy the music and culture that is ours. Spend your vacation eating the wonderful options the Pacific Northwest enjoys. Join in our local Tours and move to larger tours in the USA and we slowly open the USA back up. In 2021 you can visit Washingotn DC's capital's mall in memory of the some of the greatest soldiers and veterans ever seen. Visit our Great National Parks. Buy USA from the 50 states we love. Support your local markets and small businesses. North America is the strong hold of some of the greatest, John Muir, Jesse Owens, Irvin Berlin, Louis Armstrong, Neil Armstrong, Sacagawea, Bob Hope, Johny Carson, Ansel Adams, Pocahontas, Susan B Anthony, Lucille Ball, Eyvind Earle, Jackie Robinson, Bette Davis, Muhammad Ali, Mickey Mouse, F150, Chrysler 440 Engine and the Ford Pinto. Our Products are some of the best in the world and The United States of America is one of the most beautiful Countries. Let's support our neighbors in the community we called The United State of America.
Claire Nolan and the entire Alki Tours Team.

Covid-19 update see
You must have a Valid passport to all foreign countries by Land, Sea or Air. Your passport should be valid for 6 months from your scheduled RETURN date from that country. Beginning October 2020 you must have a passport or enhanced ID to fly domestically.

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